CIES Food Safety Conference 2010


LRQA is a premium sponsor of the CIES Food Safety Conference 2010 . It will take place in Washington DC, USA , from February 2 to 5.

Cor Groenveld, Global Product Manager for the food services of Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Ltd., will deliver a speech titled: 'An Integrated Supply Chain Approach - Food Safety, Food Security and Sustainability'.

Programme of the event:

This year the event will follow on from the Global Challenges discussed in Barcelona in February 2009 to look at: 'Connecting the Pieces - A Global Food Safety Framework for the 21st Century'

Life in the 21st century is all about networks. Consumers across the globe are connecting with each other, with media channels, with brands and retailers. To succeed in business, connectivity is more important than ever. In food safety, too, it is imperative to join up the dots: between farm and fork; between science, industry and regulators; between standards, auditors and suppliers.

Delegates will be exposed to new ideas and thinking from great speakers and experienced food safety professionals, designed to challenge your thinking in this ever changing world.

Over 500 food safety specialists from over 40 countries are expected to attend the conference.